Saturday, March 3, 2012

 up above is a link to a video of my baby cousin........ this is not actually him talking... duh
Isn't he cute!!!!!!
In other news; my grandma fell 2 times today and is now in the hospital. I actually don't know any other info but if your wondering at any later time you can contact me at
Once again....... if you have ANY QUESTIONS you can comment me here or at the email above. I am thinking about making a facebook page, but I need likes ........ I will uptade you on my decision later.
If you guys have any other websites that would spread my exsistance that would be usefull.
For about 65 page views, I have NO COMMENTS :/ there are no ideas in my head and I have a surplus of money and clay soooooooooooo...... I need a stream of ideas send them to me at my email
As most of you don't know, I fluently speak spanish; which comes in handy when you are as young as I am :P So to all you spanish speakers:
Hola personas si no sabes todavia yo soy una artista muy buena :P tambien soy fluenta entonces como ya sabes estoy hablando espanol ( mi computador no puede hacer la linea sobre la n y tambien to puede hacer tildes :'( ) Adios!!!!!!! y tienen un buen dia :D

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