Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break

Having a _____ spring break. :'( SO BORED. I want to get back to schoolso bad. None of my friends go on facebook long enough so that I can chat with them...... or they are on their phones. I keep on trying to tell myself "STOP OBSESSING OVER FB"!!!!!!But that is not going to happen :P Want to go to a movie but I need a friend :/  URG so bored......... I was going to go see the hunger games movie but NOOOOOOO I had to babysitt :( Would talk more about a reason I want to got to school...... but it is private :* All I can do at my house is clean and go on yahoo to answer people's relationship questions. Which is weird because I have never actually been in a relationship :) haha, but so not JK. And then I saw a question that like defined me......... and the persons name had somthing to do with somebody in my school :/ I hope it was about me <3 hahaha I wish </3 Wow 122 visitors :) this makes me happy :D
ummmmmmm.................. I went to skyzone....... It was fun but I didn't expect so many people to be their :/

Art work:
 This is a really bad pic :/ +there is another one but I don't feel like processing it for viewing :(
New look? Like? But now it is like crap because it is wavy :) haha LOL

Just some random pics that I like :)

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