Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These are some photos of the decorated keys! As everybody on facebook knows I am starting a buisness :O The photo on the left is the one I literaly just finished 20 mins ago :D It is kinda messed up but it is supposed to be Abby Cadabby haha LOL kinda a fail....... but I made it soooooooooooo yea :P 

This one, on the left is 3 out of 4 of the keys I have made <3 (left to right) Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and Elmo! The other one is of a pacman (people keep on saying it is GREEN, I know that stupids, I'm sorry I havn't ever played pacman)

Hey all of you viewers, Happy almost St.Patricks day!!!!!!!
And to all of you internacional viewers........ well still Happy almost St.patricks day LOL

Everybody who goes to my school should know about my key sale but if you don't you can email me asking questions: aljohnsonwoofwoof@gmail.com

OMG can't wait for gym tommorow. <3....... and church choir <3
hehe........ don't ask

Lord of The Rings<3

O.K. guys I confess that I am a geek.......... I love to watch documentarys...... So not Jk though I just watched 2 hours of documentarys about the big bang and black holes........

well it is 10 0'clock and I still have to clean up my stuff....... so.................. bye & adios personas

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