Sunday, December 30, 2012

Please follow link! +resolutions :)

Welcome to the eve of New Year's Eve :D 

And I only have 2 resolutions... Surprising, really... Cause usually I have a whole bunch! But just two this year, and they would be: 
#1- to share more
#2- to stop overreacting 

#1 is already in progress actually... It has been for awhile now! I just put myself in the other persons position and the rest is history :)

#2... O god is it needed! I tend to overreact A LOT! Sorry about that guys, I just have a lot of pent up anger and am in diar need of a punching bag...

O and this next thing is a big one!!!! I AM WRITING A BOOK! Of course it is an online one, but still here is the link: [link] 
I hope you guys will do me a favor and read the one page I have so far, it would do a lot for me :D thx guys! Please continue to check back for more chapters! Xoxoxoxoxo AJ <3