Monday, May 28, 2012

Dinosaur Busts

Hi guys!
Just wanted to show you a couple dinosaur busts I did last night:


I also made another one I just don't have a pic :/ Will leave more updates!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 Personalities!

Sometimes I wish I could see someone for who they really are. Everyone is different when they are alone! For me, that is true!
When I am alone I am:
-focused-aperently a great singer, because when I am sitting with my friends in church choir....... lets just say blah blah blah blah blah blah
- calm
- fun to talk to
When I am with friends:
- obnoxious LOL
- laugh out loud
- stand up for myself
- kill zombies :3

What I have noticed with other people is that they have 2 different personalitys as well
With their friends:
- Not to be rude, but people are really mean to people that are in a "lower social class"
- Stare at people in disgusted manners
- avoid being nice at all costs, once again, no ofense
- wonderful people
-letting their colors shine
- get along with people of the "lower social class"
- Can actually have conversations with me

This troubles me....... I am of the "lower social class" and it hurts to say that. Why does everyone else think they are better? I mean I feel like:
Aren't people all the same? the answer is YES! But not for all....... we have different prefrences in groups.  mean so do I, but I remeber when we all liked eachother! I remeber when a brave young girl said "I like to spread my love around!". That was ME!!!!! But I relize that I to discriminate. A flaw, that I may eventually be able to fix. People look at me like the........... kink in the road. I feel like a moth among butterflies, but they to, have a story:

One cloudy day the angels where guiding the humans, as they always did, but the clouds became to think for them to see. They began to cry, which formed into droplets, and came down on the earth as rain. The moths, full of color, saw the angels and decided to cheer them up! Their plan was to make a rainbow across the sky, they gathered themselfs together and marched off to the butterflies to ask for help. The butterflies refused to give up their beutiful colors for the sake of the angels. The moths then flew up to the sky and started to construct a rainbow. They forced out all of their colors to finish the rainbow; the only color they had left was brown, which didn't have room in their beutiful rainbow. The angels stopped sobing and the clouds cleared, they lived on, thankful that the moths where so helpful. Now everytime the young moths are born, they have extranagent colors, but sacrifice them for the sake of the angels.

This may be a story, bt I believe that everyone has their own features, even without showing them. You just might have to get to know the moths before you judge them.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Up north :)

Water as still as glass, shaking only when a small duck lands on its clear surface.
This is my place to get away. Every summer I go to my friend Nathaniel's cabin to get away from city life.  This is my favorite part of summer.... well except Cathedral Of the Pines summer camp :3 Going out on the pontune to fish with Dave, Nathaniel, and Ginny, going out on the ATV for some riding! Or maybe even swinging out on the swing that goes just over the rim of the lake. I love hearing birds in the morning from up in the loft <3 Unfortunatly I only get to go once or twice a year :(  Hopefully someday I will get the chance to stay there for longer than 1 week without my parents freaking out LOL Someday........ I hope :)