Saturday, February 25, 2012

Overview~ Artist Trading Cards~IDEAS

Hello everybody!!!
Sorry I havn't been on in awhile :/
Kind of busy with this 8 week quarter........ that is 3 weeks less that usual :'(
So I have been dropped in a hole with 3 different projects :/
I actually just got back from feed my starving children :) and for those of you that don't know what it is ............. you basicly just fill bags with flavor powder, dried veggies, soy beans, and white rice. Our group filled 17 boxes in 1 hour and 30 mins. And there is nothing better that a healthy competition right? We had so much fun trying to beat the "popular" guys :D But in the end we both finished with 17 boxes X( O well :/
I am having a dry spout in my creativity :/ I NEED IDEAS!!!!!!!! ugh!!!!! Nobody ever leaves comments. Just take a good random idea that is in your head and I will make it and make a tutorial!!!!!
Didn't make my 100 views but O well :'(

Comming Soon:
-Artist Trading card~trading
-Eventually some things for sale :P

GTG and get ready for my big sis to come so we can go to Vallue Village.

If any of you have any friends that love clay or Artist Trading Cards......... message me at my deviant art account:
Username: aljohnsonwoofwoof

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