Saturday, October 13, 2012

Random Stuff.....

Hello fellow web surfers! I haven't posted since august, and man am I sad about that! My stupid camera broke and I had to get a new one, I got the same one but in black, but now I am adopting my brothers for a couple days because it has hd pics and a better uploading software. So here are a couple projects and project descriptions I have done in the past week or so :P

This little guy is a mamegoma charm. He is now on my backpack with others. I have over 20 of them, but I have stopped production for now until I get back in the mamegoma mood :)

This is a pic I took just yesterday with my friend mikayla as she was walking on the 1o ft wall outside of armatage. Warning, this is edited, but the original is just as awesome.

While trying to make some bookmarks........ I accidentally used to much water.......

This one is a painting I still haven't quite finished. I was testing out some blues and trying to make the shading just right. Lets just say it is a definite work in progress!

After a really emotional homecoming this is what I painted. I started crying over losing my friend marco, and when I say losing I don't mean he died, I mean that he just isn't up for a comited friendship with me right now. I wish he knew how sorry I am! God all I need now is another good friend drifting from me :(

This is one of my favorite materials that I really don't use :/

Homecoming 2012 fun as heck with the exception of all the weird people grinding.......