Friday, March 9, 2012

New colors~grandma update~internacional~thoughts~GS

Hey guys, thx to all the international views.
My list includes
-United States
I would love to here about how you found my blog and how you would suggest I can improve it.
I would also love to here and discussion topics, ideas for art projects, or anything really :P
As you may have read in my last post, my grandma fell over the weekend :( She is going to be fine. On Monday she was sent to a nursing home for short-term care, but is now back in the hospital because of mysterious arm swelling.

On other topics I have been thinking about some things latley. Some include:
-starting a buisness
-my spanish project
- <3 crushes <3
- anything else perverted haha JK
O and don't even think about asking about the 3rd item :3 especially if you are in my school LOL

This weekend is the 100 year GIRL SCOUT ANIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course I am saying this because I AM AGIRL SCOUT!!!!!
If you wanted to know, I might be at  MOA (mall of america) for the celbration :P

As you might know I am trying out a hole bunch of color...... lets see how you like it :)

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