Saturday, January 28, 2012

Writing a story

It's kind of a book in a poem format
Here it is:


The day of love is here.
I am surprised to see him sitting on my front porch.
He walked towards me with a lifted spirit.
We walked to the old bridge over Liebe river.
I stared to look into his bright, crystal blue eyes.
I leaned in towards him.
He looked like he was about to pass out.
I went passed his mouth and whispered in his ear “I love you”.
We began to walk back to my house.

Once we got there, there was a swirl of emotion.
We kissed and I blacked out.

I woke up.
Where was I?
My eyes where half open when I saw him,
He was crying.
Why was he crying?

I saw the room
Was I in a hospital gown........
O my god, what happened last night?

I saw my walls
They where covered in drawings
Each one was of me sleeping
That is weird

He noticed I was awake
I couldn’t catch my breath
The buzzer beeped faster and faster
My eyes closed

I woke up
I was surrounded my doctors and nurses
The doctor was telling my family that I probably won’t wake up
I started to cry
The doctors all had a unbelief sewn into there expressions
I looked over at him
He looked like someone had just pulled his soul out and chopped into pieces

I tried and tried to call for him
Nothing came out
I pointed at him, trying to let the doctor know what I meant
The doctor told one of his nurses to go get him

He smiled when he saw my deep blue-green eyes
I smiled back
I did truly loved him

That was the day I went into my last surgery
They told me I was getting something done on my spine
They told me that I needed this surgery to be able to use my legs
I didn’t even know how I got in the O.R.
I was questioning if this was all actually real
Was I still looking into his eyes on the bridge

Now all I could think about was if I would feel pain
They put me under
It felt peaceful, it was like I was asleep but I could do anything that I dreamed of
First person I saw was him
All of a sudden we where kissing
Where were we?
It all disappeared

I was seeing a small tunnel
It was lit at the end
Did the doctors mess me up?
Was I dying?
I heard a doctor yelling “What did you do?”

All I could hear was a hum
and everything went back to normal
I became calm

When I woke up I was in a dark room 
I could have sworn that I heard singing
It was him
He was singing to me
I loved it when he sung to me
We used to do duets
But I don't know if that will ever happen again

He was holding my hand
Another thing I loved
He made me happy
I wish I knew what had happened that night

He saw me staering at him
He knew what I was going to say
He said "I will tell you, but on one condition. Will you mary me?"
I screamed "YES"

After I got cleared from the hospital we talked
We talked about where and when we were going to have the wedding
He said if we could have a small wedding we could go on a big trip for our honeymoon

We ended up having a small wedding be continued

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