Monday, January 23, 2012

PHOTO POST!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody,

PHOTO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just watchin simpsons. For the past few days I have begun to knit a few items. This is a photo of a hat I knit flower and all!!!!! 

I am eventually going to sell it on my new etsy site. But first I have to save up 2 months of alouance so I can have a stash for my pay pal account :(

Here is a pic of my clay bear head. This is before I put on the ears, cooked it and chalked it :P

This is a picture I took on the bus, of a bus :O
I am so awsome!!!!

 These are some drawing I drew!!!!
left: a random doodle
right: a drawing of a dragon from the game I play called Dragons of Atlantis

this is a pic of my turtle........ mR. Turtlwhee (mr.-tur-tle) hehe :P

This is a pic I took at the hotel I talked about in my post a few days ago.
I was in the pool area. It is a mountain. There is a reflection of a light in it :(

Bear armor I made out of clay, tin foil and triple thick. Look it up!!! :P

GO JACK!!!!!!!!!

This is my baby cousin, Graham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute :P

pic I took of the park, across the way

upsidown pic at the mall of america

Pic at my grandma's house


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