Saturday, February 11, 2012


For the past few days I have been waiting for a couple more page views..................... but I only got like 3. So I have decided to make a new post. I have been trying a new clay charm style............ steampunk :/

 These (below) are bug charms I made out of clay :)

Going well I guess :/

This pic I took in RTI................. this 1/4 we are doing forensic sience
these are my friends :P
Zoe > Sonya > Genevieve > Joe > Claudia

It was my mom's birthday yesterday <3 (2-10-11) She says she is "25" yea right :P

This next pic is a animal my brother calls "Kit-Koala" the head I drew with my eyes closed :O
then I drew everthing else in

I <3 Drawing cartoon dragons
Here are some:

This 1 is big because it is my favorite

Well there it is. Eventually I will make tutorials for the clay stuff! That will be  
my objective for today <3

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