Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another day :)

     Today is the 2nd day at the hotel. Srry for the lack of previous info...... but we came here because my brother has a hockey tournement. Yes he does play hockey......... but otherwise it has been just full days of sitting down in front of my computer and making clay figurenes ( is that how you spell that??),o and listening to pandora.... hehe i'm obssesed w/ my computer :P For the past 2 hours I have been watching little boys comming in and out of our hotel room, a "party" of gears of war, if you don't know what that is, it's a war game against people and evil aliens...... all I can hear is them yelling, and thus I use pandora :) I am super glad I got out of school early yesterday....... I am guilty of forgetting to do my 3 page reaserch paper hehe..... I got to miss that class :D  I'm kind of stranded here the only person I know from my school that is here is a girl from 7th grade.... :(

I have been making some clay figurenes but I keep on messing them up, URG o good tutorials D: plus I forgot my favorite tool at home :( </3 Any suggestions for tutorials,things to make or techniques would be aprecieated :P

Hey thanks for reading so far down :) If you are wondering about the miniature food and bear head, I have a fancy-shmancy doll house which isn't in it's best condition so I won't give you a pic :/ I know you are like "WHY??????? :'( *tear*, JK you probably don't even care :P

 Ok so this week in o.t. (Oriel time, home room, GO ORIELS :P) we where talking about options after high school. I LOVE ART. my friend told me about art high school. Of course, I looked into it :P
My options in MN are hopkins art school and FAIR school in down town Minneapolis and Crystal. Mhhh, what should I do......... ??????.......................

Well I amgoing to end my post because it's getting long.

                                     BYE and have a Wonderful day :P

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