Saturday, July 28, 2012

Journaling 101- Being a Leo (cover) part #2

STAGE 6: Painting! 

Base Coat: Now that you have your cover and your centerpiece you need to find your white paint as a base coat. Then add your centerpiece where you want it. Like most of you, I chose the middle/Top, this way your center piece is the main part of your journal. WAIT!!!! If you are not painting your center piece the same color as your back round then wait till the end to glue it on!!!!!
Back Round:
I will now give you some examples of back rounds to chose from:

  • Fairy Garden- This design will require mostly pastels  This is an outdoor theme!
  1. White- to mix with other colors to make them lighter, clouds, & wind
  2. Light blue- Sky, pond, and any fairy outfits
  3. Yellow- Flowers & fairy outfits
  4. Green- grass & fairy outfits
  5. Pink- flowers & fairy outfits
  6. Gray- Stones
  • Space- depending on if you are making a planet or a space ship the standard colors are:
  1. Dark blue/green (Phthalocyanine Blue)- Main back round
  2. White- Stars 
  3. Yellow- Sun
  4. Orange- Sun
  5. Watered down Dark blue/green- Tinting stars
  • Under Water- This one of the easier themes because all it is is a gradient of blues
  1. White- Bubbles & mixing
  2. Teal/blue- Gradient
  3. Dark blue- Gradient
  4. Light Blue- Gradient
  5. Modge Podge- I think after you paint on all of the gradients and then add Modge Podge  to the bottom and pull up it helps mix the paint.

STAGE 7: Details!
This is the point in which you will add all of your details. For space you will need to add tiny stars, this will mean you will need a toothpick or any other tool that resembles a tooth pick. Also you need to mix a yellow/orange just a little bit "orangier" than this one. If you have any other details like flowers, fairies, bubbles, Etc. add those now!

There are layers of detail on mine, and the second layer consists of sun rays, depth for stars, and the Leo star symbol.
And this is my finished product!
Thank you for reading through! 
I hope you love your new journal!
Binding technique for your journals will be coming soon!

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