Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ariel Journal

I have been working on a couple art projects lately. This post will be about my journal I will be using to fill with a whole bunch of stuff. Here are some pictures and pages of in:

This is the cover of my journal. It has something to do with a little inside joke my friend and I have.
 This is a tag I have in a pocket page of my journal.
 The stamp above is the stamp I decided to use for the inside cover. Although it doesn't enclose my whole name, it serves a purpose.

The page to the right is the pocket page I had mentioned before and that is the tag I showed a couple of pictures ago.

The drawing above is one of, what is supposed to be, a version of me.

The one to the side is a drawing of a guy I have seen somewhere but I don't remember where. Kind of a mystery guy.

The pic above is one that I just had a weird feeling that I had to draw. Just a message to all of you lovesick teens out there, don't go for the things you know cannot be achieved............. never mind.

The one beside the text here is just a sketch I started to draw.

These are just some doodles I did that I felt I needed to chuck in there :)
 And this one is the inside, back cover. A little spot to put notes when I get totally lost in all of the hormones you get when it comes to being a teen.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, more are on their way!

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