Friday, July 6, 2012

Art Cartoons

We have been doing some cartoons in Art. It was our last project and these are my finished cartoons! Our teacher let us use our own style (thank god), I hate the "normal" kind of cartoons. The video we where watching about cartooning just drove me MAD!!! Of course only a limited amount of people in our school have a "style". So as everybody else was doing their little things and talking really loud, I was just sitting there  trying not to scream at them and focusing on my drawings. She said that we only had to turn in 1 cartoon, but I didn't hear her (oops!) so I ended up turning them all in. Of course they are all connected so why not? 

 The character above is based on LA INK'S Kat Von D. But that is based! SO don't get your underpants in a twist! I was just experimenting with the hair, I don't know why but I love doing that kind of hair!
This Ballerina has a rose band in her hair, of course my camera didn't pick up the color so it looks brown :/  O well!
I have no Idea what I was doing with this guy but I guess I was liking the style of the suit at the time.
The experiment with this one was the multi-colored dress. Her shoes where hard though, I had to experiment a lot!

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