Saturday, February 11, 2012

Abstarct Earring Tutorial


Make shure you :
  • make shure oven is on
  • right temp
  • Clean oven (this is for people using their normal oven, chemicles!!!!!!)
  • Use tools for anything other that crafting and clay
  • Use toaster oven for food if you are not going to clean it (chemicles!!!!!)
  • Eat while playing with clay
  • Use reusable clay or clay that says "never dries out" 
  • At least 2 different colors of baking clay
  • Pasta machine or roller
  • Cookie cutter or you can use a craft knife
  •  baking oven
  • Gloss
  • Pins w/ loops
  • Earring backs


1). Pick base color. I am using white but if you are going to do steampunk I suggest translucent of a shimmery or pearlecent color 

2). Roll amount wanted in a pasta machine. Put pasta machine on thickest size (mine is 7) 

3). Pick a shape. I used my teardrop clay cutter that I got at Micheals. Cut several shapes, I suggest 3 for each earring.

4). Smooth all together, without loosing shape!!!!! 

5). Use different colors and add decorations

6). After finishing all desired decorations, add holes, and bake!


7). Place in toaster oven. Set toaster oven at 275 degrees.
Bake for 10-15 min. Take out. Let sit!

Wires & Glazing:
8).Wrap wires in holes

9). Choose what kind of earring you want it to be and put it on them 
10). Glaze in whatever stuff you have, I suggest stuff that you don't have to bake on
11). Hang on anything with a desposable surface close below and wait for 1 hour 

11). Wear and enjoy!!!!

Have any tutorials you want me too make?....................... Comment!!!!!

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